Ready to feel confident & secure?
Difficulty adjusting to transitions?
Ready to become your best self?
Who Is This For?
Women Who Are…
  • Afraid of feeling left behind
  • Feeling lonely and insecure
  • ​Anxious about not reaching their goals
Women Who Want...
  • ​To invest in themselves and regain control 
  • ​To create their own definition of success 
  • To feel confident and secure in themselves 
Who Am I?
I'm Jordan Murphy
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Let me tell you why I am the therapist for you.

My passion is to help women navigate similar struggles I encountered. Following graduation, I settled into my childhood home with my parents, because let’s be honest, there was no way I could afford my own place straight out of school without a job. As I was integrating into my new normal, professionally and socially, I began to recognize I was in uncharted waters.

While I completed school and training to become a counselor, most of my friends had already been in their careers for several years. They were financially independent and were in committed relationships with weddings on the calendar. I felt isolated, lonely, insecure, and defeated.

When I achieved my ultimate goal of opening my own practice, I was nurturing my “professional” baby while many of my friends were expanding their families raising “human” babies. My friends seemed to be ahead of me in life and I had an urgency to catch up with them.

The flood of questions from others intensified my feelings of being left behind. Questions such as, “What is your job title? When are you moving into your own place? Are you dating anyone yet? When are you getting married? When are you having children?"...
I’ll Help You Find The Answers
Life is filled with expectations from society, family members, partners, friends, social media, and many times OURSELVES. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and insignificance. I know because I’ve been there.   

I am a therapist because I am passionate about helping women grow their confidence and security during transitions.

What Will You Gain?
  • ​Learn how to let go of who you “should” be and accept who you are
  • ​Explore and identify your own unique definition of success
  • ​Understand the secret behind what builds self-confidence
  • ​Discover the steps for self-acceptance
  • ​Learn and implement practical steps to reduce comparison
No matter where you are in your journey there is hope. I have experienced it myself and I can help you find the answers to achieving the life you want. 

You deserve better than just getting by. You deserve to feel confident in the life you have and in the life you want. 

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